Depression Rollercoaster.

Still trying to figure out what my feelings are trying to say. I’ve been detached from reality for 3 weeks now. It is rather interesting how the brain can control all these emotions.

Being on SSRIs has helped for sure in the past 6 months to gain back a little more control over my emotions and have a regulated mood, and a boost of my regular energy. However, even with therapy and the medication, something still seems to be missing.

Im not sure if its me or all people who go through depression at some point in their life. But something is holding my heart and squeezing it at all times, preventing me to breath comfortably. Feels like a mild anxiety.

At this point, I am sitting back, watching my feelings come and go, and figuring out what they actually want to say. Te language of emotions is encrypted and difficult to read, but getting there slowly.

Even writing to me, doesn’t seem much of a joy right now, and that is scary indeed. As if my mind is trying to say, I am not interested in your soul right now. There must be something there which I cant spot clearly.

If you are struggling to be grounded, struggling to find yourself again, let it be, let it sink in, sit back and watch for a while. Moving a lot will only make things worse right now.

Leaving with a picture of the tiny spots of life.


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