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Welcome dear stranger to the inside of my Heart and Mind, hope you find enough comfort here..

I was born in Lebanon to a Lebanese-Slovak family. And as most kids of multicultural families, I went through an identity search as I was growing up, and it was difficult to find the perfect place where I would fit in. I have one word for this, gray. I could not relate to being pure Lebanese, nor to being only Slovak, and that is why I decided to share the experience of being none and both at the same time.

I left home and moved to Prague a few years ago, and being in a new place on my own, a few episodes of depression were triggered and  hence a series of self and life reflections was ignited.

I have always dreamt to be a writer, and this blog is the first step towards pursuing that lifelong dream. 

I hope by sharing my experience and reflections, I’ll be able to touch a portion of your hearts, and just maybe in tiny fractions, help those of you who are going through a similar journey.

What Purple Arze Means?

I just wanted a name that connects me to my home.

Why purple? Because it’s my favorite color 🙂 

Actually, purple was derived from murex sea snails; in the city of Sour, southern of Lebanon. So it is basically a heritage color. I still wonder why our flag has red and not purple!

Arze , in Arabic, means Cedar tree. As you know we have it in our flag, and its kind of the icon of the country. These trees have covered our mountain area for thousands of years; they are so old that they were even mentioned in the old testament and the Bible. Ever since I was a kid, whenever I was visiting the cedar reserves, I used to wonder how many ancient people have passed by, what were they feeling, doing , or going through. I can simply say, these immortal trees show just wonderful endurance.

With the last word, endurance, my story telling begins…


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